Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My Time At Riverdale

BRING BRING "mum please don't go" Iwas as scared as amouse with an elephant on my first day of school. Igrew confidenter by the week. After one weekI had improved to a turtle with an elephant and now six years laterI have no worrys against this wonderful school.
I have achieved amassive amout of things at riverdale including the inter school cross country that was awesome because we had to run trow swamps and up steep hills i fell over inthe swamp and got really muddy. Some got in my mouth it tasted disgusting.I won both times.
Also camp. I went on three camps they were all awesome because they had a great range of activitys.
All my teachers have been kind and brilliant. Riverdale has been a great experence.


  1. Great story Zia. I liked how you expressed your feelings about your time at riverdale school I also liked how used similes but maybe not used all the similes in the same spot but apart from that your story was great.

  2. Awesome Story Zia! you had made a few mistakes in there, but its a very good story!

  3. Wow Zia! That was really cool writing that you did maybe you could fix up all of the spelling mistakes like at the start of your writing and your writing should be on your writing blog.

  4. Job well done Zia, you explained your time here but next time put spaces between words because some are like *Iwas as scared as amouse* otherwise Awesome.

  5. nice job Zia you really showed how you felt but next time don't spend to long on one topic but apart from that great work.