Tuesday, October 12, 2010

TERM 3 PI !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Personal Investigations
Assessment Matrix
 Shows weeks of work
 Audience is very interested
 I've done the work myself
 Research in my words – with my personality in it
 Contains humour(?)
 Interaction with the audience
 Speech is confident, clear and with action and expression

 Shows three or four weeks of work
 Contains pictures and steps
 Information is interesting and in my own words
 Adults have supported me without doing work for me
 Some humour
 Some interaction
 Audience is attentive
 Speech is clear

 Shows about a week’s work
 A little information – some in my own words
 Adults have done some of it for me

 No interaction with the audience
 No humour
 Poor presentation
 Few pictures

 Reads the words on the PowerPoint or GlogClearly started at the last minute Hardly any info
 Parents have done a lot of it for me
 No pictures or steps
 Copied straight off the internet
 No humour
 Not finished on time
 Untidy presentation
 Speech is not very clear

Loved doing my Pi it was fun as doing my pi


  1. good PI it was interesting you had good facts but next time face the class

  2. we that was absolute awesome but next time try to speak a bit louder.

  3. WOW! Cool P.I Zia! I really liked the choice of topic and how you presented it. It would of been better if you had a little bit more interaction with the audience but other than that, GOOD JOB

  4. Great PI Zia! I liked how you made it into a book and had the pictures. Next time you need to make more eye contact. I think that if I slept for 3 hours I probably wouldn't go to school and I'd sleep all day.


  5. Intereasting pi zia wasen't that for a pi you spoke very clearly, next time do it on a powerpoint.

  6. good pi Zia i liked how you spook clearly but next time you could have my interaction with the audience. But apart from that great pi Zia!!!!!!!

  7. well done zia you had lots of info about your topic but next time you could do something with the audience. but apart from thatgood job

    Grace and Luce:)

  8. Zia great pi. You included all your info and graphed it well.
    We think you need to work on speaking more clear but you were fine when you
    Un zipped your jersey well done zia

  9. Good PI Zia, It was a cool topic to do.
    You spoke clear and had some good imformation.
    Next time you could maybe face the class a bit more.
    Sara and Britt =)

  10. That was a good PI Zia we liked it how you recorded your info onto graphs but next time you could slow your talking down and speak a little bit clearer.

    Nat,Kelly and Tanzy

  11. Great, great, great!!
    Very interesting! Cool and useful information.
    You could have possibly improved on having a bit of interaction with the audience, but other than that it was........FANTASTIC!

    From Madi!

  12. Emma- well done Zia!!!

    what you did well- you put lots of effort into it.
    what I learnt- that you need lots of sleep to recover from only having three hours sleep.
    what you could do better next time- maybe look at the audience more.
    Alana- Great pi
    What I learnt that you need time to recover if you have only had a little sleep. What you did well - you spoke clearly
    Next time - have some intaraction with the audiance

  13. that was good I learn lots abut that P.I next time a little bit longer

  14. great pi, you spoke loudly ,but next time you could speak a bit clearer